Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today's Grouse: Lettuce

I hate lettuce.

Well, ok, I don't actively despise it; it's more like a low-level antipathy. I don't like all the washing and chopping, and I get irked by its short shelf life. Too many times I have gingerly lifted a soggy bag of liquified lettuce out of the so-called crisper and into the trash.

So I have decided to just make salads without lettuce! What a huge relief to let other people bother with lettuce (which I will eat when someone else does the work) and happily chomp on my tangily dressed raw veggies that actually stay crunchy.


foodstuffs said...

I am with you on the lettuce front. And also it's hard to eat i always end up with dressing on my chin.

teresa t said...

This is why I'm fond of chopped salads--I like to mix chickpeas, tomato, cuke, carrots, daikon or red radish, and sometimes avocado with a light lemon-vinegar dressing. Yum!