Friday, January 2, 2009

Today's Gripe: New Year's Resolution

After two weeks of indulging in lots of creamy, cheesy, heavy, rich foods, I'm feeling logy. I'm not getting on the scale because I'm sure I won't like the result. My resolution for 2009 is to eat less cheese -- in fact, to eat less dairy altogether, and to eat more vegetables. So in the coming posts, you'll be seeing more vegetable dishes and far fewer recipes calling for cream, parmesan, or other cheese. Boo hoo.

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Sarah said...

That's a good resolution...maybe I'll try for that, too. Though I think I'll actually focus on getting off my lazy a** a little more often! My daily walk has gone by the wayside with all the cold weather. (I know, it's cruel to cry to an East Coaster about cold weather...but I am really not used to it.)