Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obsession: Lunessa

OMFG. I have discovered a new love.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I were in Manhattan celebrating a day off (I think it was the day after Thanksgiving) and we had decided to browse the sales. After a couple of hours of finding nothing we really wanted, we started to head for home. It was raining, we were cold, DKNY wouldn't budge on the price for a brown tweed coat, and my daughter had fallen asleep. Matt got behind the wheel and we started chatting about our weekend. But before we swung eastward towards Brooklyn, Matt stopped the car in the middle of Thompson Street, and asked me to get out. I was shocked! In the rain!?

He pointed to a gilt door unobtrusively marked by a small sign with a butterfly imprinted on it. "Go in there," he said, "and find things you like."

A mistake, to be sure.

The store was a paradise. It was wonderful. It was like Christmas, except no corny music. I enlisted the salesgirl's aid in compiling a list of "things I like" that was about 5 pages long. It must have been weeks later when Matt finally came in to retrieve me, agog at all the lovely, delicate, handmade gold and gemstone baubles. Champagne jewels wrapped in dainty strands of spun gold. Clusters of teardrop shaped garnets fashioned into earrings that resembled tiny bunches of grapes. Fragile-looking leaves made of precious metals dangling from thin, precise chains. Rings that looked like birch bark touched by Midas, sprinkled with miniscule crystals that could have been just-melted snow.



Go there. Buy. Remember: a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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