Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today's Gripe: Fat

My mother always said, "never trust a skinny cook."

Unfortunately, she never said anything about cooking and tasting and eating so much you feel all your favorite jeans getting tighter!

Damn. Maybe I will start investigating portion sizing, and include some info about that in future recipes. I'm sure I'm not the only person who eats a bit more than she should while cooking something yummy.


Sarah said...

I can so relate. Tight jeans over here, too. I'm actually really liking the meal plans at Also, when I want a treat, I tell myself it has to fit into this very small pyrex bowl or I can't have it. I've heard some people choose a really pretty pottery or china bowl for the same purpose - a tiny treat bowl.

foodstuffs said...

ooh i should do this. i have some beutiful japanese bowls. I too am tight in the jeans.

at oen point i got a kitchen scale- which are very useful things. And quite small. it helped me know what an ounce is.

Also i ahve been trying when i am cookign ot help myself to smaller portion sinc ei am doing all this tasting.

but really why am i giving advice? i am the last person you want around when on a diet.