Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Kind of Cook are YOU?

A while back, a friend and I were discussing what kind of cooks we are. She and I both felt that we are stew/soup cooks, meaning that those are the kinds of dishes we gravitate to and feel most comfortable cooking. I like being able to throw a bunch of ingredients into one big pot and have the result be something hearty and filling. My favorite dishes to make are gumbo, chili, chicken soup, and quiche. My husband is definitely a saucier (French pronounciation, please!) who loves to make delicate, time-consuming and labor-intensive sauces to be ladled over something relatively simple like steamed lobster or grilled steak. Another friend excels at fancy salads of all kinds, my stepmom is a saute queen, and some people I know have the "baking gene."

What kind of cook are you? Have you ever thought about this? Let me know; I'm interested to see what most people like to cook!

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foodstuffs said...

I am a stew cook, i love the layering of flavors. and i like a lot of bang for my time. plus i get impatient following recipes.